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The look and feel of authentic clay tile

´╗┐As early as 10,000 BC, ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks and Romans roofed their homes and buildings with clay tiles. Much later, European settlers brought this tradition to America. Today, through advances in modern manufacturing, Westile has preserved the signature undulating beauty and intense warmth with a more durable and lower maintenance concrete roof tile. Add to that, designs that meet any architectural style and design sense, and you have a roof that would make even an ancient Roman take a second glance. When your next project calls for the look of clay tile, specify Westile. For additional product information, visit www.westile.com.

What’s new at Westile Roofing?

Westile Roofing products include: Click on image for larger view

  • Ballast Pavers

    Easy to install light-
    weight concrete paver

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  • Double Notched

    Affordable staggered
    roof tile

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  • Double Roman

    influenced design

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