Anchor North: Fedex Wall Project

One of the largest construction projects in the state of Connecticut was recently completed: the new FedEx® Ground Distribution Hub in Middletown, Connecticut.

The project included 310,000 square feet of segmental retaining wall block built to maximum heights of 60 feet. The project broke ground in May 2016 and involved an astounding 1.5 million cubic yards of earth work that required six retaining wall structures, encompassing over 11,000 linear feet of SRW’s to re-grade, stabilize and optimize the site. The project also called for over 700,000 square yards of Mirafi® geosynthetic reinforcement. Oldcastle worked with the geotechnical engineers during the design phase to secure Anchor Vertica® wall block with Mirafi® geosynthetic reinforcement as the basis of the SRW design for the project.

Anchor’s Cranston, Rhode Island, plant manufactured the SRW units. This selection was based on competitive price, proximity to the project, technical support, manufacturing capabilities, and the overall resources to supply such a large project on a tight time frame. The entire segmental retaining wall project was completed July 1 to the customer’s satisfaction, accomplishing one of the biggest and most complex SRW applications in North America.

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