Permacon: Place Du Canotier | Quebec

Permacon was proud to partner with the National Capital Commission of Quebec on one of the city’s highest profile projects in recent years.

Designed to restore distinction to an area previously used as an open-air parking lot, the Place des Canotiers is now the largest public space in Quebec with nearly 20,000 square meters accessible to residents and visitors. The public square includes paved areas inspired by rippling water, along with intermittent water jets and a veil of mist.

The Permacon team worked to create a special Light Ash Grey color Boulevard paver, developed according to architect specification, as part of the multitone running bond design. The polished pavers feature crisp contemporary lines with no chamfer, which required molds with customized shoes. The project included over 100,000 square feet of pavers, much of which was to replace granite pavement. The work began in September 2015, and the project was inaugurated in the spring of 2017, in time for the celebrations surrounding the Great Sailboats in the Capital, as part of the city’s 150th anniversary of confederation.

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