A Partnership Between Oldcastle APG and Yardzen

Design and build the yard of your dreams using our premier hardscaping and wall systems in Yardzen’s custom design platform.

Customized Outdoor Design

A Partnership between Oldcastle APG anD Yardzen

Design and build the yard of your dreams using our premier hardscaping and wall systems in Yardzen’s custom design platform.

Oldcastle APG | Yardzen

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Yardzen, integrating our signature product lines into their innovative custom design platform. Now, you can use Yardzen’s online tools alongside our full suite of high-quality, durable hardscapes to design and build beautiful and functional outdoor spaces.

Streamlined and simplified

Our partnership and integration with Yardzen brings the unique ability to unite homeowners, contractors, and world-class building materials and decor brands to streamline the landscape design and build process. Now, you can easily visualize and confidently choose industry-leading Oldcastle APG products for your Yardzen projects.

From the Comfort of Your Home

Yardzen’s online approach guides homeowners through the design process from the comfort of their home.

Without visiting a property, the platform creates a fully custom design that accounts for the homeowner’s aesthetic preferences, style, and the property’s unique characteristics.

Delivering an Excellent Experience

Yardzen’s team of designers and contractors use tools like satellite imagery and mobile device technology when considering how elements like sun exposure, shade patterns, and slope will impact the selection of plants and building materials that can thrive in your environment. 3D renderings are used to present their selections and ensure your satisfaction. Just like Oldcastle APG, Yardzen delivers excellent customer experience and support.


Bordeaux Series


Melville Wall

Melville Series


Best Materials Available

“Given our shared passion for creating amazing outdoor living spaces, our partnership with Yardzen presents new and exciting opportunities to best serve our customers. Our portfolio of outdoor living solutions will supply a broad range of options for creating personalized designs that deliver form, style and function. We look forward to working with Yardzen on this new, innovative approach to bringing people’s visions for their outdoor spaces to life.”

Tim Ortman, President, Oldcastle APG

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Yardzen offers an end-to-end solution by connecting homeowners with vetted landscape designers who understand their budget, style preferences, unique site conditions, and how they want to live in their outdoor space. Once the homeowner approves their design, Yardzen connects them to local, vetted contractors, ensuring a timely and highly communicative bidding and installation process.